Ways to Personalize an Heirloom Engagement Ring

Receiving an heirloom wedding ring can sometimes create a mixture of emotions. Heirloom rings are extremely romantic, because it amplifies the idea of becoming part of your future spouse’s family and long-standing tradition.

On the other hand, you might also dream about your wedding ring for years before getting engaged, and your heart may be set on a different design.

Thankfully, you can have the best of both worlds by creating customized designs that incorporate the most important elements of the heirloom ring!

At Royal Design Fine Jewelry, we enjoy helping our clients find the perfect treasure for their special occasion. Do you have an heirloom ring that needs to be personalized? Here are some great ideas to help inspire the transformation: 

Create Custom Accents

Does your ring have a very basic design? Spice things up with colorful accents. Create a halo around a simple round or square shaped diamond.

Or, turn a solitaire into a three stone design with two fancy diamonds in your favorite cut. 

Use the Original Stones with a Different Metal

Is your heirloom ring set in a classic yellow gold band, but you prefer the shine of modern white gold or platinum? Place the original heirloom diamonds and gems in a similar setting made with the precious metal of your choice.

Another great option is to rhodium plate your yellow gold ring. In this way, you can keep the classic band, but dipping the ring will give it a similar hue of white gold while also creating a protective coating (as rhodium is extremely durable and scratch and corrosion resistant). 

Design Matching Contour Bands 

Are you nervous about making permanent changes to the ring itself? Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of physically altering a ring that has been passed down for centuries.

If that’s the case, consider creating customized contour bands, also known as shadow bands. You can create custom shapes and add colorful stones or extra diamonds in a sophisticated setting. This will allow you to have a ring that is personal to you, while showcasing and enhancing the heirloom ring in the center.

Contour bands help you leave the original ring unblemished, while increasing the overall wearability, value and beauty of the ring’s design. 

Engrave a Personalized Message 

If you love the design of the ring, but you want to add just a little personalization, then an engraving might be the perfect solution.

Include a message that only you and your groom will understand. Or, create a family motto. This will provide a way for you to put your special mark on a ring that will continue to remain in the family for generations to come. 

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